Pull Up Banner  
  60 cm (w) x 160 cm (h)
  85 cm (w) x 200 cm (h)
120 cm (w) x 200 cm (h)

PVC Banner
upon request

X Banner
60 cm (w) x 160 cm (h)

  • Retail: Pull Up Banner is the most perfect medium to advertise your products and services and drive traffic into your store. 

  • Lobby: Convey your company’s mission statement or brand message in the lobby or conference room.

  • Presentation: Strengthen your message through visuals message using pull up banners.

  • Press Conference: Display your brand message next to a podium for a conference or speech.

  • Events / Sporting events: Direct huge traffic to promote your brand.

  • Convention Stage: Create a backdrop or portable banner wall for a convention stage.